Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Cat Butt Game

The Cat Butt Game was invented by my sister and her husband a few years ago. It’s a fun family game that will be sweeping the nation soon. What do I need to play? First you need at least one other person to play with, you can play by yourself, but like most things in life, it’s not as much fun alone. Second, you will need a cat.  Don’t have a cat you say? You can use your dog.  Don’t have a cat or dog?  What the eff is the matter with you?  :: cue Sarah Mclaughlin music:: There are tons of loyal kitties and doggies at your local animal shelter who would love a good home.  Have allergies?  Get a pill.  Afraid of them? They won’t hurt you unless you hurt them.  The way I see it is, where else are you gonna find such a small bundle of unconditional love and loyalty then from a cute little fur ball? Well…other then that whole giving birth and raising a baby thing people keep talking about.  So go adopt a pet you heartless jerks!
 Any who, once you have procured a cat (or dog) the object of the game is to get your partner to inadvertently look at the cats ass.  I’m talking tail up, full moon rising butt shot.  Example: Say your watchin TV with a friend, and out of the corner of your eye, you see “fluffy” with one leg high in the air, cleaning her nether regions.  This would be a prime opportunity!  You say to your friend “What the eff is that crawling across the floor over there?” as you point towards the cat.  Your friend will most often quickly look in the direction your pointing.  When they get the eye full of Cat Butt, you’ve won.  Very easy to play, and way fun.  You can even play it on the go, just use squirrel’s, bunnies, or even birds, though that would be way to easy, birds always have their asses hanging out.  Enjoy folks, and watch out for the Cat Butt!

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