Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Poetic Poem or The Night of the Snart

Twas a cold winter's night, on a search out for pants
I started at Kohl's for nowhere else would I stand a chance
The aisles were crowded with shoppers and racks
The jeans and folded t-shirts were piled up in stacks

I wandered around finding nothing of taste
I was starting to feel like this trip was a waste
But across the room I saw a shining beacon of light
A whole bunch of pants that for me were just right

I meandered and wandered my way through the maze
Pushing through woman and children and some dude named Dave
When all of a sudden I stopped with a start
For the Woman in front of me had just ripped a Snart!

First came the sneeze, and then a loud pop
I couldn't believe it my heart almost stopped
I tried to be mature and stifle my chuckle
But alas I could not and had to leave on the double

So that's my story about the night of the Snart
I'll always remember it with fondness in my heart
Whenever I'm down and feel I've been booted
I'll just think of the woman who sneezed and then pooted