Monday, January 17, 2011

Random thougths one Sunday afternoon

So I’m watchin the Bears vs. Seattle (Jan 16th) game in our cold, cold, oh so cold Chicago, and I’m watchin the breath come out of the players mouths in misty streams.  Then I start to wonder……. What if one of the football players in a fit of nerves gets a bit gassy?  Would you see it like you see their breath?  I watched all game, but sadly saw no waist high puffs of vapor. L

Ok, I’m at work and after I get off the phone with “one of the most polite, and professional customers in my territory” ::sarcasm::  the term Jesus H. Christ pops into my head.  Then I start to wonder what does the H stand for? I have no idea, if anyone does, please let me know.  All I can think is how awkward would it be if it stood for Hades.  On that note, I will start packing my bags for Hell.

Frozen ponds.  What happens to the fish when a shallow pond freezes over for the winter?  Is it like a cryogenic freezing type thing where they wake up when spring comes to de-frost them, or is it just a big frozen fish bloodbath?  Could this be how fish sticks were invented?

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billdemuth said...

The "H" is because he shares the same middle name as his dad. You know, "Our Father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name..."