Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chicago Wolves Hockey

So recently my family and I went to our yearly Chicago Wolves Hockey game. March 26th, The Wolves vs. The Hamilton Bulldogs. Every year my dad’s buddy “Uncle” (I don’t like to use real names without permission) gets a huge group together and we take up a few rows on center ice behind the penalty box.   I have to say this year was one of the best so far.  I’m not a huge hockey fan, I do enjoy it, it does not bore me like baseball does, but I have to say going to a Wolves game is so much fun.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re all Blackhawk fans in my family, us Chicagoans are very, very, loyal to our teams (Cubs anyone?)  I’ve also never been to a Blackhawks game before because the only tickets I could afford would be in the nose bleed section, and I would imagine that it would just look like a bunch of red ants running really fast back and forth.  So I don’t have the comparison to say this, but I will, Wolves games are a lot more fun to go to then Hawks games.  No matter what seat you get, you get a great close view of the rink, and it doesn’t take long to walk to the concession area for more beer and dippin dots.  Yummm those go great together.  So I’m gonna go over some of the nights highlights.

First, the team introduction is just amazing.  There are lasers, fireworks, and lots o’ pyrotechnics being shot from the scoreboard and the wolves paws they use as an alley to introduce the starting players, all to the soundtrack up Motley Crews, Kick Start my Heart.  It is A-Maz-Ing!  I especially love the pyrotechnics, I have a love affair with fire, I’d be content staring at a bonfire for hours (easily amused).  When the flames shoot out of the paws, you can feel the heat hit you immediately. I always wonder how it doesn’t melt some of the ice. And if that wasn’t enough, large flames and fireworks are blasted from the top of the scoreboard that hangs over center ice. The only thing that worries me every year is that the stadium ceiling is wood…..what if the flames shoot too high?  If a fire started, someone would scream, then I’d scream, we’d all scream, I’d be anarchy.

The game started out with a bang.  20 seconds in we had the first penalty of the night, 7 minutes in we had the best Hockey fight I’ve personally have ever seen.  Don’t know what started it, and I don’t care, I just saw the gloves come off and immediately jumped up to shout my support, which I probably shouldn’t repeat right now to keep this clean. Now I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover ; ) I try to avoid fights or arguments like they were STD’s (in case my sisters and brother are reading this….Shut Up! I do not argue…jerks) but when it comes to hockey and players fighting, I turn into Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother.  It was a great fight though, jerseys were grabbed, rabbit punches were thrown, it lasted about a minute before our guy got the enemy down on the ice and the refs were then forced to break it up.  It was awesome while it lasted!  That was probably the most exciting part of the game except for the overtime shootout to end the game.  I loves me a shootout!

Since the rest of the game was relatively calm, I will now include my highlights of observations during the game, one being, seeing a guy two rows up who totally resembled George Clooney.  It wasn’t him.  I shouted George!! a few times and quickly looked away.  My friend told me he didn’t turn around, so sadly I don’t think it was him. On second thought, I’m starting to think maybe it was him, so now I think the only thing I can do is to officially start an internet rumor that George Clooney is deaf……or he’s just really good at ignoring annoying-people-that-just-downed-a-beer-when-they-really-don’t-drink-very-often-so-this-person-was-like-really-really-totally-buzzed-at-the-time-so-you-can’t-blame-her-for-trying, that shout his name really loud and then quickly look in the other direction….at a hockey game.  Yeah, I bet it was that second explanation.

I found this very amusing, listening to my sweet very passive sister-in-law yell at the player; she’s a big hockey fan.  It was entertaining for me, because she has conditioned herself to watch her language, not that she normally uses foul language, so she doesn’t pass any bad words or thought on to my handsome little nephew, and my “getting more gorgeous everyday” niece.  - Side note, my niece will be turning 15 this summer, she was born the year I graduated high school, that doesn’t depress me.  Watching the cute adorable little girl turn into a beautiful young lady is what does it.  I miss my cute little toddler niece, but I couldn’t be prouder of the young lady she’s turning into. - Any who back to my sis-in-law.  Since she never ever uses obscene language, I was getting a kick out of hearing “Oh goodness gracious, what are you doing?  Go after the puck!” “Oh for Pete’ sake! Get the puck! What are you doing?!”  “Gosh darn it, do you even know how to play hockey?!”  I may be exaggerating a little (a little) but I found it cute and hi-larious.

 Watching a man try to lift his 3 or 4-year-old son over the seats while holding a beer, and spilling a bit of the beer on the poor kids head.  He quickly “brushed” it away, and all was good.  The only thought that popped into my head was him being stopped by security “Sir why does your 3 year old boy smell like beer?  Has he been drinking?  He’s not walking so straight.”(You know, cause little kids walk funny.  Come on I’m not the only one to notice that, they walk around like little drunk babies most of the time.  BTW I have weird scenarios that would never happen, coursing through my brain ALL THE TIME.   At least I find them entertaining)

 The Chuck a Puck promo. You can purchase these orange pucks with numbers on them before the game starts for a promo.  During the second intermission, the officials put some targets on the ice and tell every one to “chuck their puck”.  If it hits a target, you win a gift certificate for a certain amount of money.  Ok, I don’t know who invented this promo, but it is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  I admit, it was pretty cool to look up and see hundreds of orange pucks flying high above my head like a gaggle of round orange arrows, but people were having their kids throw them, and come on kids can’t throw for crap.  There was many a puck that didn’t even hit the ice at all, and probably hit some poor fan in the head instead. Seriously, I know hockey fans are the toughest fans out there (except for the world wide Soccer (in the US) football (everywhere else) fans) but WTF were they thinking with this promo?

 All night long they were pimping out cute little pups and doggies that need a good home, I think there were only 5 left that weren’t adopted by the end of the night.  But it was just too cute watching the pups walk out onto the ice, then decide right away “crap I don’t like the cold on my paws” There were some very cute critters, and if I had a bigger apartment, or preferably a house with a big backyard, I would have scooped up the remaining pups for myself.  On that note, there are tons of good loving pets just waiting to be adopted by a loving family.  If you are thinking of sharing your home with a furry little creature, please, please consider looking at a shelter first.  Adult critters need some love too!

During the first intermission they had the Pink Panther youth hockey league play a quick 10-minute game.  I’m assuming it is an all girl league, or there just happened to be a lot of longhaired boys. So basically, Rock On girls!  The whole “this” is for boys and “that” is for girls thinking is finally becoming extinct.  Do what you love no matter what “gender” you are.  Boys go learn ballet or play with Barbie’s if it makes you happy, girls, go play video games and hockey, it’s what you love and want to do that matters.  Don’t let TV or society at large tell you what you should or shouldn’t like.  Wait I should probably add, do what you want as long as it doesn’t harm, maim, or disfigure anyone else.  The point is for you to be happy without making others feel bad.

The Kiss Cam.  I love this bit!  I’m sure you’ve all seen it at stadiums around the world.  They show two people up on the scoreboard enshrined in a heart shape boarder, and practically pressure people to make out on command.  The best ones are when it’s an older couple and the guy goes to kiss the girl, but she turns away or pushes him away, it always cracks me up (easily amused).  Every time I see this bit though, I can’t help but wonder, what if the camera centers on a brother and sister who happen to be sitting next to each other.  Awkward!

That’s it for the highlights now.  I just want to add one tiny dislike of the night.  The music they play is great; it’s mostly Rock with a bit of Pop stuff here and there.  I’m a rocker, always have been, always will be, but I consider my music taste to be pretty eclectic.  I was nodding my head and tapping my foot to songs that I normally don’t listen to, but when they played Miley Cyrus ‘Party in the USA’ that was the grossest thing I have ever experienced at a hockey game!  Come on, Miley Cyrus? You can do better then that!  Well folks, that’s about all I gots to say about that. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that The Wolves won 3-2 in an overtime shootout.  Thank you for reading, Lola out.

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